Monday, August 31, 2015

Where the Buffalo roams

This is one of the first "regular" miniature shot with the Foldio studio.  As I mentioned yesterday, I have been doing all kinds of tests with lighting, backdrops, etc.

The positioning of the lights does make it very interesting, as it is quite different from my normal setup.  After my last few sessions, I believe that I will use the Foldio for smaller figures like this White Buffalo from the WWX Warrior Nation.

Now that I am shooting a lot more large scale items such as terrain (as well as all those group shots!), I will try to keep the original setup in place for the 'big stuff'.  I have another post coming tonight with some side by side comparisons as I tried to see what would happen with the more dappled Hangar 18 backdrops, as opposed to the misty versions.

Stay tuned!

A New Chapter Unfolds

Some of you may have seen the original post that I created about the new Foldio portable studio, and that I wanted to see how it might work under a variety of conditions.  I have taken it on the road with me a few times since then, and learned a few things about it.

I will put a link to the original post at the end of this one, so you can see the unboxing.

In the meantime, here's what it looks like with one of the Hangar 18 backdrops in it.  I did have to trim it down a bit, and make some adjustments with the placements of the magnets that hold it up.

There are two bands of  LED lights, which have dimmers on them, so you can really control the amount of light that is emitted.

This is what I got when I took some pictures with the regular light bands.  They were set at around 60-70% of power.

While I liked the result, and the camera seemed to pick up good detail, there was a distinct 'shadow' which was cast due to the light coming from only one direction.

Normally, I like to have light coming from at least three different directions.

You can see some of my other posts regarding this in the photography section of the blog.

To compensate for this shadow effect, I brought out a few of my other lights which I use to shoot battle reports.  While the above image is fine for times where all I can bring is the photo booth itself, I also wanted a secondary area where I could get regular images.

Here's a side by side of images shot with the standard setup, and then with my extra LED daylight bulbs.  The lower image looks a lot more like my standard type of lighting.

Now for some views of the Judgment heavy support with the additional lights... shadows eliminated.

In this image, I moved the light further down, creating a different lighting.

Here's the link to that original post:

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Gods of War

Crocodile games have been making fantastic miniatures for many years.

There are a wide variety of sculpts, of humans, creatures and more.  

There are a number of different genres within the line as well.  The original War Gods of Aegyptus, as pictured here in the form of the chariot and runners.

There is also the new War Gods of Olympus, represented by the female figure with the shield.

Each sculpt is very consistent, and they are always very solid.  There are not a lot of multi part figures... or at least that is kept to a minimum.  If it does have a few pieces, it is split in easy to deal with parts.

The line is all metal, which does appeal to me.  Heck, I still have my large collection of metal files, and they need something to do!!

Oh yeah... almost forgot.  For those of us who still like "Ranks and Flanks" style games of movement trays and blocks of troops, one version still exists.  That would be found here at Crocodile Games.

It's certainly something that I'm looking forward to exploring myself, and hopefully that will play out on these pages, just like my Wild West Exodus journey!

In the Urban War, you need an Angel

This figure was used to create the Freehand Designs video of the Painting Pyramid series, and it was just the perfect choice.  I could show a variety of designs, such as the pattern on the wings, the tattoos on the skin, and even the numbers on the base.

The Archangel figures have been a favorite of mine for many years.

Here's a link to the Urban War home page.  You can see more examples of their figures on the blog, as I also used some Viridian figures for the Painting Camo Patterns video, as well as some Junkers for painting reds.

She's also here:

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Turn on the Lights!

For quite a while now, I have been very interested to see what visual and game play impact the new boardwalk and streetlight sections would have.
As you know, these are made by Burn In Designs.

I was hoping that these longer sections would substantially increase the amount of boardwalk for us, thus allowing us to employ our house rule about increasing your movement rate if you begin and end your movement on them.
While these are not quite finished yet, I really needed to test out a few things.
I have more painting to do on the posts and lights themselves, and I am even considering putting some red glow on the boardwalks.

The other aspect I wanted to check out was how well would they work with the original shorter road sections, as well as the buildings.  Some of the buildings have boardwalks built into them, and others do not, such as the Funeral Parlor and the Smokehouse pictured here.
Depending on how you want your setup to look, it will ne necessary to mix both the long and short sections.  That was apparent right away.

When these are placed on the board, the light poles will be out in the street, as opposed to the way they are pictured.  Right now, this set up restricts where I can place buildings.
This was the only way that I could get them to fit in on the photo backdrops!

Now for some miniatures!  Wyatt is hoping that the new RJ powered lights will ease up the crime rate a bit!

I am hoping that a given figure can move from light pole to light pole, using them not only as intervening terrain, but also to make contact with them and Take Cover.

They are spaced close enough to each other that even the slower Lawmen should be able to do this.

Lest we forget, they also make your town look really nifty!!!!  I have another post coming which shows the lights set up with the entire town.
It really helps to carry the story of Wappelville advancing from a little boom town into something more substantial.  Stay tuned...

The possibilities

I seem to remember that this figure was supposed to be a possible figure for the Drow skin color video.

I went with an entirely different color set on this one, using a slate blue, lightened with a seafoam green.

She's also here:

Friday, August 28, 2015

Have bow will travel

I've lost count of how many of these guys that have come across the table over the last year or so, but it's definitely quite a collection. :-)

I can't say enough how much projects such as this and WWX have altered my overall palette.  While I never use more than 6 or 7 colors to paint a particular figure, there are even fewer involved with these guys.

I have painted some of them with as few as four.  Since the greenish tones I have been using already contain a good deal of yellow, that has meant that I can use them with the 'flesh tones' to create some warm leather colors.  Even the snow highlight color is used to create the skin color. ;-)

It's good to be Queen

I always enjoyed this Vampire Queen figure.  I painted a few different versions for it in the color test phase of the Kickstarter.

Originally I intended to use it as the Gold NMM video, but it was ultimately used for the Painting with Powders video instead.

I added some new foliage to the base, and touched up a few things here and there.

She's also here;

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Getting Pumped Up

That is, with the new Burn In Designs rail pump car!

It's now available from the Burn In Designs site, along with a number of other railroad necessities!

There's even a set of rails to go with all these various elements.

No railroad is complete without one of these maintenance vehicles, and the Wappelville Railroad company is not going to be left behind!

Up next, some shots with miniatures for scale...

Here they are!  You can see that two figures fit very easily on the rail car.  We were able to fit four of them on during a game.

Legendary Wyatt has claimed this pump car as essential for keeping the Law on the rails as well!

Look out!  It seems that Geronimo has entered the fray!

I'm not sure that Lawbot stands much of a chance against that Spirit Beast!

They've got us surrounded, Wyatt!

Who will win this fight... Energy Beast, or Lawbot.  Only time will tell.