Monday, April 4, 2016

Heavy armor...

So, I'm going to try working my way back into regularly scheduled programming as much as possible, but also provide you with a few Adepticon oriented posts.  I did manage to get some pictures, and those posts will go up later in the week.

There are a host of long time projects that will continue, including the legions of Red Box Games figures.  This is the third figure in the "elite" set that are like heavily armored Marauders.

As with all the others from this and similar sets, I have had some fun using the snow bases as a foil to reflect those lighter sky colors onto the armor and swords.  They are not supposed to be polished steel or anything of the sort, so I try to keep that from getting too intense.  

It's even more tricky, given that they are supposed to be wearing red tunics!  That alone can make any blue that I paint onto it seem more like that bright chrome.