Friday, January 11, 2013

A little love in the pages of White Dwarf!!!!

Hey, look what showed up in the pages of the White Dwarf this month!  Besides Hobbits and Dark Angels, that is...

One of my Golden Demon winning entries!  This was my Silver Demon Warhammer 40k Squad.  Some Sanguinary guard!!  Very cool.  Hopefully the Gold NMM video will help people get closer to painting their Sanguinary guard the same way!

A little note on this group... the display plaque was painted with several layers of magnetic primer.  This allowed me to put some magnets on the bases, thus keeping my jump marines from jumping off the plaque to their doom!!

This year, I also won a Silver Demon in the Fantasy Monster category for my Carnosaur.  To make things even better, John managed to get some past trophies sorted out for me, so I came home with an extra Silver and Bronze Demon!

We just got home a little while ago, and Cathy has been working to get the brand new machine in working order.  Some things have been easy, others not as much.  As you have heard me mention many times the last few days, this is what we are hoping to use to create the sample videos.

The production versions will have to be made once we can get the Primary Desktop unit upgraded.

A few fun "action" shots from Rivet Wars!

I snapped a few more shots before these guys are sent off in the mail!  I tried to set up a few of the figures from each faction against each other.  Looking at the bike with the rockets, it might be really fun to have one of them in the process of being launched.

That could create a lot of Object Source Lighting opportunities!!!

Some shots at a variety of angles.  I wish I had a game board to show you what they would look like on it, but I am sure that the folks at CMON will do that as soon as they arrive!!!

In a little bit, we head off to get (hopefully) that computer which will let us make the sample videos!!!

Wish us luck :-)

Catching the Red Eye... using marble colors to show off the figures.


Here's a little post to finish off those red terminators that I posted the other day!  Since I am just about to add the basing DVD's to the kickstarter, it seemed appropriate to begin it with am image of some of my favorite bases.

I liked the colors on this set.  Most of the bases I did for the Demonhunters back in the day were red and black.  These had white as a central theme, to offset the red armor.

This was the Brother Captain:



A close up of the bases!  One of the basing DVD's will also demonstrate how to paint surfaces such as the marble.


Here's the figures on the bases:


OK!  Lots of work to do!!!!

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to the Kickstarter.  It's been an amazing first day, and then some.  I was able to make some progress on certain fronts today.  CoolMini should be helping us out with downloadable versions at some point, which will be very helpful!  Stay tuned!