Sunday, January 19, 2014

Watch where you point that thing

This miniature goes back a long way.  I remember filing mould lines on this almost 10 years ago. :-)  It was one of a number of similar figures I had gotten for a Norse Blood Bowl team.

It does have some fun surfaces to play with NMM, that's for sure!

Lots of mixing brown with blue/green and even a shadow grey, which creates lots of subtle transitions in the metals.  The point being to reflect as much of the ground/ surrounding environment colors as possible.

She is also on ebay:

Whirling blades of doom

This Drow was done along with the previous experiment... again, the idea was to fool around with alternate ways of doing glazes.

I certainly had fun testing out this method.  The last time I had done that sort of glazing was on the Empire Greatswords last week.  There are many more of those guys coming up, so I wanted to nail this down before I went into the bulk of the unit.

So far, I have been working one mini at a time to plan the color layout.  Much more to come there!