Saturday, November 23, 2013

Not another space wolf

Since temps are dropping fast here, why not have a wintry miniature!  This is from the Celtos line, and a darn cool figure at that.  Loads of character, that's for sure.

You may remember the base from the videos... lots of snow and Secret Weapon powders to create it.  I could not resist painting this is in a nice greyish look to go along with that snow.

The dried foliage with a touch of snow also enhanced the effect quite nicely!  As I was painting it, I also felt like I should have a little fun and do a freehand design on the axe blade.

The golds on the staff were far more muted than my usual golds.  The last time I painted this years ago, it was far brighter.

He also happens to be on ebay right now:

Table for two

I have to say, painting the checkered bandanna on this guy really tempted me to paint the cloak on the other sniper as a tablecloth.  Heck, I might still do that!

I never used to put gloss medium on my lenses, but lately that has been pretty fun.  I am not sure that I will continue with that process... a bigger sampling is needed.