Wednesday, December 11, 2013

All I want for Christmas...

OK folks... one more Raging Heroes image presentation since I was not able to process the pics of the new painted minis yet!

I will definitely have to include some banners in my IG army after seeing these gals!

The kiddies will be perfect urchins for the Underhive of my display board.  They will not be part  of the army itself, in all likelihood, but definitely a part of the display.

Seraphim?  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an example of fin concept art becoming...

An incredible miniature!  Very faithful to details of the art, but also solid as a miniature.  This has been the case throughout.  Glad there are Vox's in the army list already! :-)

Old timey

Here's another one of those test figures for the video project.  Some of you may recognize this set of colors.

I used them on the Ultraforge Demon Prince.  Essentially, it was an extension of the 'Raging Reds' video, which used a full range of red colors. There was a mix of warmer and cooler, saturated vs grayed down, and so on.

Playing with those two mechanisms is a whole lot of fun these days.  Years ago, when I was trying to figure it out during and right after art school, it drove me nuts!  Warm colors come forward, cool colors recede.  That is, unless the warm color is grayed down, and the cool color is high chroma!

It has long since become second nature.  Even more fun, since I get to do that in 3D!!