Thursday, August 15, 2013

Figure Painter Magazine... and me

Not too long ago, the good folks at Figure Painter Magazine approached me about an article.  As series of questions were asked, and answers were provided!  Hopefully people find them informative and entertaining!

Figure Painter Magazine is an online publication, and they do some serious magic with their painting articles.

I was especially happy to see the story I wrote for the Tainted Pharaoh included!  Yea!

A variety of images are spliced through the article, as I tried to give them as much of a cross section of what I do as possible.

There are some 'nuts and bolts' discussed, as well as how I ended up doing this crazy painting thing!

Here is the cover, and a link:

So, once again, many thanks to Shane, who worked so hard on this, and was patient enough to sift through all the images I sent!  I appreciate all his hard work.  Hopefully you like it too! :-)

The rough and rocky road...

Terrain!  Yes, another week that's dedicated to a subject matter :-)

You always forget how much fun it is to make terrain, since you only do that every so often when you need something new for your gaming tables.

The Box 'o junk.  Save those shards!

Everything ready to go...

Let's start cutting some rocks!

Hills in a hurry...

Next up... painting.