Monday, September 21, 2015

You really should wear your boots...

Yes, it's winter, and someone forgot their overcoat!

This is another Red Box Games figure, part of that group which helped to define a variation to my overall color palette.  The reddish brown/muted green combinations really developed over the course of painting these.

That had quite an effect on the regular color choices ever since, especially with all the western theme figures being painted at the same time.

Pointing in the right direction...

It's been a while since I've shown you a Mierce Miniature, so here's one I've been saving.

I have had to paint quite a few of the furry cloaked characters in the last year or two, which has lead to some interesting color combinations.

To make them more interesting and slightly less bland, I have tried to incorporate greens, blues, and yellows all into the same cloak.  It really does make a difference, especially up close!

When you look at them from a distance, they do indeed look quite gray.  Once you get close enough, you can see the multitude of colors that comprise them!