Saturday, June 15, 2013

Painting the War Gods of Olympus Amazons

The Amazons were introduced in yesterday's blog post.  They are a recently unlocked faction from the War Gods of Olympus kickstarter by Crocodile games.

As usual, we have the shaded basecoat, from which we will shade and tint the entire figure darker.

These are some of my initial glazes.  You can see the difference they make already.  Since I could not make a definitive choice between gold and bronze, there is a bit of each here :-)

More layers of glazing.  As I work darker, the areas where I want to show some SE-NMM effects become more defined.

These are among my final glazes, with the darkest darks.  I have also tried to tint some areas warmer or cooler.

Once those are complete, the middle tones are my next areas of interest.  When doing any sort of NMM, the middle tones become even more crucial.  That is where you can show the most reflected light.  While everything reflects some degree of light in its shadow area, metals are very efficient at reflecting such light.

You will see me doing a LOT of that on this figure.

Also, I have been working on the flesh colors at the same time...

With most of the middle tones restored to the level I wanted, I work some highlights in.  These are the best way to ensure that shiny look... positioning them right next to your darkest darks, which are typically where the horizon line would be.

I also attach the shield at this point, since I won't be doing much more on the skirt.

The sword in finalized, with the cooler blues on the skyward facing side of the blade, and warmer colors to reflect the ground.

I finished off the red areas at this point, as the eyes and other flesh tone details are completed.  The helmet crest is also finished.

Just about finished!!  The shield gets its final touches, and the war paint is added to the face, with a few scars on the arms.  Time to attach it to the base!

Stay tuned for the images of the finished Amazon!!

Heavy metal... more NMM

This represents the last of the NMM miniatures.  It is a Reaper mini called Niroli, Female half orc.

The concept behind this was to show the non shiny NMM, with less reflections and even a tiny bit of weathering.  The emphasis here was on a more purplish hue, complimented by greens.

As opposed to the more high contrast SE-NMM, where you are using the bright sky colors vs much warmer grayed down colors, these were from a more compressed range.

Not as high a value contrast, much less saturation, and so on.  Everything a bit more muted.

The set of colors is one of my favorites for non shiny metals  :-)