Friday, February 2, 2018

Snow Pack

Here's another adventure in winter terrain!  After the discovery of the tea leaves that you saw in the last post, it was time to put the snow onto these tree stands.

I have already made a post regarding this process (see the completed stand on the right), but these are a little different, and I have made a few adjustments to that process.

This bit is the same, taking a few of the Vallejo mediums like stucco and snow texture, which is mixed with a tiny touch of blue/gray from Badger paints.  I added that tiny bit of color to match the color of the snow on the battle mat.

With a broader 1 inch brush, I started to add this snow mix onto the trees.  It was important not to pile this up too high, because I don't want complete coverage of the ground!

The various snow piles are arranged on the ground cover as closely as they are on that battle mat, and gently brushed over some of the clump foliage which was applied.  Here's a link to that battle mat:

Once the paste has been added, the snow flock is drizzled over the top.  The paste is just sticky enough to hold this material, giving it a fluffier appearance.

The rest of the snow flock 'blends' in with clump foliage too.

Overall, this yields a very nice effect! :-)

Painting some snow on the fallen logs and exposed tree branches adds on extra level of texture.

The newly completed tree stands!  A little bit of hair spray is dusted over the top to keep more of the snow flock in place.  You can use a spray fixative as well, but the hair spray is a bit less toxic.

While these tree stands look quite real, you can see that there is plenty of space for entire units to move through them and take cover, etc.

My next post will show what all these completed pieces look like on the mat!  I can't wait to see myself :-)

If you can support these kinds of terrain projects, that would be very helpful.  There is a never ending chain of supplies which much be purchased to continue this process, and that support is appreciated.

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