Sunday, June 28, 2015

The best cookin' this side of the Mississippi

Mad Max?  Nah, how about Chef... and his food delivery service!!

You want it hot, you want it fresh?  Well... Chef doesn't guarantee any of those things, but his crew of Outlaws can deliver the pain.

This has become the core of my Outlaw posse from Wild West Exodus.

I think a few more Blackjacks and you will definitely get a Mad Max kinda feel to this posse.

While it does not have quite the bells and whistles of a typical Iron Horse, it does have the sneaky ability to crank out tons of shots.  I am starting to visualize these as escorts to the Mercenary Sand Buggy.

The idea is to put lots of up close and personal Outlaw characters in some Sand Buggies, and drive them across the board in among a bunch of Blackjacks.  

Not only are we talking about a TON of shots (as the Buggies have some dakka of their own), but you now force that inevitable choice of what the heck do you shoot at?

While the armor on all of these is by no means impregnable, if you scatter all the incoming rounds between 6-8 vehicles, those buggies have a much better chance of getting through!

A beast of a man

Mierce Miniatures strikes again, with beastman number eight.

The same fun colors on the skin.  It's already been a while since I painted these, so I'm trying not to forget the combo that was involved.  In used a little more yellow in these skin colors, which was balanced out by adding greyish purples.

I hadn't had a chance to do blood effects on more 'primitive' weapons like these.  Thus far, it had been on 40k miniatures or WWX.