Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bring out your dead!

Let's get these graves finished!

I brought out the craft paint again, using the normal colors.  The black was mixed with a red, and placed near the headstone.  Tan colors (to match our gaming mats) were added around the edges and blended together.

This shot gives you a good idea of what it should look like.  I also carried these colors onto the headstones.  Note that the craft paints don't dry as quickly, so this will allow me to mix in the grey colors of the stones into this 'waiting' color.

It was a little tricky to work around the zombie, but a slightly smaller craft brush did the trick.

As I mentioned earlier, the grey colors will be mixed in to the brown on the stones.

A light greenish grey was used to lighten the stones.

Some of that was also used to lighten the dirt around the grave.

I will write some RIP, names and dates, etc., on the stones later.  These were pretty time sensitive, and I want to have some good names on those stones! :-)

The painting progresses with more light tans around the edges.  Again, this is an attempt to match the gaming mat colors.

That's about it for the painting!  Time for a little flock and static grass!

The flock is added first, making sure to put more around the edges of the grave and a little on the headstone.

The static grass completes the effect.  They are now ready for the table!!

When combined with the tree stands (which also got the same flock and static grass), the burial ground around the church is looking good.

Until the nearly departed start showing up on the streets of Wappelville, that is!