Thursday, September 8, 2016

Chaos Rides Again!

Mierce Miniatures has some very dramatic riders and mounts among the various factions, and this is one of my favorite.  As some of you familiar with the large "snow base project" have seen, figures from a number of different companies are being used to create one large setting.

The snow landscape really does work well with this figure, and even the matched colors from previous miniatures from Privateer Press and Red Box work well on this guy.

The figure was also very hefty and substantial, which made it seem more like the heavy chaos knight.

A variety of slate gray, light greens, light flesh tones, etc. were used to create the armor colors.  Even a bit of muted purple was used.  In fact, purple mixed with green can make very interesting grays!

This view shows the upper surfaces on the horse's armor plates.  The idea was to have these tones be warmer, with the plates facing the snow be even more muted, and cooler in tone.  I wanted to show a bit of the snow reflecting on them, or at least influencing the color in some way.

Finally, the reddish brown of the horse's fur was the one place I could make a deep, warm, dark shade that would serve as a contrast to all the the blueish gray colors.  It would also tie in to the gold/brass armor plates, making them a part of the whole and not stand out all by themselves.