Friday, March 2, 2018

The Evil Twin

Into the way back machine to check out some more Confrontation minis!

I never realized that they did several sets of figures which showed a "normal" and "warped" side.  That became an interesting challenge to keep the two sides as close as possible, but still denote the 'changes'!

The shapes of the weapons were very unique, but still quite nice to execute some NMM... normally very odd shapes for weapons means having to mess around and fudge with the rendering, but not this time!

In other news, the next painting video link has been sent to all the $5 and above subscribers.  This is all about painting Lave Bases!  Among other things, it looks like March will be Basing Month on the Patreon page! :-)

I will be doing a live session on working with the Green Stuff World texture rollers late tonight, which will be fun!