Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A guiding light

Once more, we have a fantastic figure from Dark Sword Miniatures.  I had some fun making the glowing wand/spell effect on it.

As usual, there is a lot of fin detail and cleanly sculpted lines.  They also have a new kickstarter under way right now for a small line of new miniatures.

This view shows the new foliage a little better.  It's part of that big batch that I got at Reapercon!  I love it.  I never had this color of static grass flowers before, and it made a very nice contrast to the greens!

She's also here:

The sound of Sirens!

You will be seeing some interesting miniatures on the blog very soon.  These are some wonderful figures from Siren Miniatures.

The packaging is very nice, with solid clamshells and a big piece of foam.  You can also see a very nice card that comes with each figure!

Here's a painted figure from the Siren website.

I thought I would show just a few of the figures that I have prepped.  I have another handful of figures that I will save for future posts.

These are some action dwarves, to be sure!  I could see using a few for our Lord of the Rings games :-)

This figure has a very dramatic cloth that hangs from his back, billowing in the wind...

And this mischievous has a shovel, no doubt searching for some treasure!  I have left that off for the time being so that it's easier to paint.

This assassin is taking cover behind a broken column...

If you visit their Facebook page or official website, you will be treated to a variety of painted figures, and incredible concept sketches such as these.

There are also a lot of renders on the page, just like this set which I have also prepped for painting!

New renders are being added all the time, so things are ramping up fast!

Here is your link to the Facebook page: