Friday, July 24, 2015

You light up my life

Given all the mayhem that has occurred on the streets of Wappeville after sundown, the City officials determined that the only solution was to set up a string of RJ-1027 powered lights!!

The Burn in Designs streetlamp set was just perfect for this task.

It comes with a variety of options.

Here's one of the lights with the various pieces dry fit into place.

While you don't have to use the pieces in any exact way, I decided to match what Lathan had done in his images.

I used regular Elmer's glue, hoping that some would seep out around the edges.  I used a brush to spread out the glue to hide the seams between sections.

The underside of the boardwalk sections has to be planned out carefully if you want the sections to line up correctly.

One of the long support pieces has notches for the streetlamps.  If you want one section to have the lamps closer to the street as opposed to the buildings, it will be easier for the folks walking along it to take cover.

Lamps glued in place!

The boardwalk on the top is complete.  Now I will reverse everything to make a section for the opposite side of the street.

I put a sign post on the end of each section, since I want to designate street names now.  Wappelville is becoming quite the metropolis, after all!!

The opposing section under way.  You can also see the street signs down in the corner.

Look!  These new boardwalk sections line up perfectly with the original smaller versions which we already have.  Now I just have to paint them to match... so stay tuned!

Even a Legend needs a pal

Even when you are a legend, a man still needs his best friend. 

Legendary Wyatt has two buddies, the new, very potent K-9 Mercenary dogs.

Not only do they offer massive additional firepower, but they are his "eyes and ears", seeking out targets, providing line of sight.

This will be devastating, since Wyatt will not have to use his many action points to move into position.  No longer will he have to march down the middle of the street!

I think the streets of Wappelville just got a lot safer!!!

In addition, these two K-9's can "reach out and touch someone"... they can charge a potentially nasty enemy shooter, keeping them tied up so that the rest of the Lawmen can advance.

There's a total of ten action points here, and that's going to come in VERY handy.

I cannot wait to try out this fearsome trio!!

They will lay waste to the Enemies of Justice.

Stay tuned for a possible battle report after GenCon!!!