Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sallies and Skinks, oh my!

The Salamander units were another fun set of figures to paint.  As always, I loved to create a lot of color variety in my Lizardman army!

Plus, it was handy to distinguish one Salamander from another, since they had multiple wounds.  And had a tendency to munch on Skink handlers.  Especially if you were me.

I loved making the movement trays as well!

The regular movement trays for standard ranked units could only allow some fiddling around the perimeter.   Here, I could go wild!

Ready to light somebody on fire!

Gathered around a Lizardman Totem

And on green!  I thought this would be fun as well.

Oh yeah, and my scratch sculpted swarms!

I think I made about a dozen of those for one of our special scenarios.

Let's add some Skinks with blowpipes!

Pointy pointy darty darty...

And that makes five!

Finally, the last of the Castellax!

A little different set of markings this time, just for fun.

Some glowy stuff...

From above.

A peek at the Five!