Thursday, February 28, 2019

Yellow Alert: Part 2

The latest Painting Dark Sword video is ready for viewing on the Patreon Page!  This episode builds from the principles first discussed in the original Painting Pyramid video called "Yellow Alert!"

You can even see the color swatch that I painted during that first video.  I expand on that here, right down to the basing of the figure.

The goal of the video is to show you how expansive the range of "yellows" can be, and that it encompasses far more tones and shades than you might think.

I brought out the Green Stuff World leaf cutters and flower tufts to show how you can carry that same color principle into your foliage and basing.

I even managed to sneak in some Object Source Lighting, but that was not the central focus of the video.  I added that so it was possible to show how 'yellow' can be the very bright color we automatically picture in our minds.

However, I wanted to demonstrate how there is a vast range of much darker colors that can be made from mixing yellow with something else!

I was primarily using purples and reds mixed with various yellow to create midtones and darks.  Purple and orange mixed together is a favorite of mine, as it gives you a wide range of saturated or unsaturated brown and mahogany colors.

I have a special pledge level for Dark Sword miniatures (Black Heart busts are part of this pledge level too!) on the Patreon Page.  Each episode tries to tackle something different.  A different technique or color theory principle, a new material, etc.

This is available to my Patrons right now, at the $10 Painting Dark Sword level!  As you can see, I am already up to Episode 12... and Episode 13 is on the way!!  Here's a link to the Patreon Page: