Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cathy as Tank Girl

Here's another case where it just seemed so odd to be working on a tank that was not 40k... or sci-fi in any way.

One of Cathy's current projects is a Sherman tank, which required a little bit of a rethink on assembly strategies...

In some ways, it was quite similar, with lots of little parts to snip off of a sprue.  I guess it was the nature of those parts which seemed so odd :-)

Lots of extra priming to do here!

A few DVD's of Greatest Tank Battles played for ambiance, as well as drumming up a few ideas for storage and markings.

Speaking of stowage!!!

So, we shall see how all this turns out!

And Wage will be there every step of the way to help out.

First bike finished!

OK!  The promised images of the first bike!

Again, lots of challenges with these guys.  This had to be a much cooler white than I normally work with.  It's almost always off white that is similar to ivory...

It should get a little easier with each one...

Stay tuned for the rest!