Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Holding the line around Wappelville

It's high time that Carl Fredrickson gets his own feature here on the blog!

The Hero of Wappelville is the most (well, the only) beloved Lawman in town.

Two babies have already been named Carl in his honor.

However, if they only knew what the Dark Council had in mind for him...

They are completely unaware of the impending storm that is coming...

The citizens of Wappelville will be very surprised to see Carl walking the streets of Wappelville once again, despite his apparent demise.

Stay tuned, as Carl helps to keep Wappelville safe from the clutches of the Evil Dr. Carpathian!!!

Have sword will travel

Here's another example of that new mix I ran across a little while ago.  That would be a mix of Reaper Mint Green and Brown liner.

In this case, much more of the Mint Green was used, which was then tinted by further glazes of blue and such.

She's also available here: