Friday, August 14, 2015

The Winter Guradians

This is a very quick color test figure that I did to help out a friend who was trying to come up with a color scheme for his Khador.

The working time on this piece was very very brief, as the point was to work out an alternative to the standard red Khador scheme.  Also, it had to be something which could be repeated very easily over a large number of figures.

So, we came up with this "Winter Guard" scheme.  I also added the Secret Weapon crushed glass and water effects snow technique.

It was a lot of fun, and hopefully it won't be too painful for him to replicate a number of times!!

A different type of archer.

We return once again to Red Box Games and the realm of the muted browns.  While I will be continuing to paint more of these particular figures, some new RBG figures have arrived that should be quite interesting.

That would take the form of cavalry miniatures! 

I am really looking forward to painting those, and as always they will find their way to these pages once complete.  Stay tuned.