Thursday, January 5, 2017


Since it's so darn cold outside, it's time to warm your hearts with a taste of summer, and some lead!

The LMG team, complete with loader is ready to sweep the forest of any enemy.

These limited palette figures are anything but limiting, as I continue to discover all sorts of fun color mixtures, glazes and so on to render all of these closely related shades of tan, brown, greens etc.

The slight temperature change in the greens of the helmets, making them a little cooler, is the same set that I use for the uniforms of the German Heer.  Minus the hints of oxidation, of course!

Initially I thought of basing both of them together on the same stand, as I have done with many of the German LMG teams.  However, this seemed to warrant individual basing (done well in advance of the V2 rule set!).

Here's a set of individual images.  Stay tuned, because there are many more French yet to come!