Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mad Dogs

Here's another group shot set for you, this time of the recent Oboros hounds.  

There are two of the older metal versions, and two plastic.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I preferred the plastic to the metal versions.  

This is quite the opposite from the larger mauler figures, where I definitely liked the metal versions much better!

The bodies of the hounds were more clearly defined on the plastics, and the faces were also a bit more fun to paint.

I hope that you've enjoyed another Warmahordes journey!!

Preying Mantis

Since I was working some very similar skin colors on the Sukubus Studios figures, I thought I would put some of them on one of my last remaining Raging Heroes Mantis Warriors.

The same changes of hue and saturation were done here.  Some parts are a more blueish purple, and others are more saturated pink.  A few areas were lightened with an elf flesh color, which gave it a warmer hue.

This base was sculpted from Apoxy Sculpt, which is especially handy for creating this kind of striated rock base.

She's also here: