Friday, April 24, 2015

It's getting spooky in Wappelville

So self respecting town can do without an Undertaker's establishment, especially one that experiences bloodbaths on such a routine basis!

So, the Burn In Designs version will fulfill that requirement nicely.

The building was painted before it got some special treatment...

I will be putting wallpaper on a few of my buildings, including this one.  To make sure that no light color exposed wood would show through possible gaps, I filled in the corners and edges with black.

I found some incredible papers and textures, including a very creepy wallpaper!  It looks like that 1880's style, but the design is actually made of demon faces!  Excellent!

I also created a sign with some layers of wood texture, and some faded letters.

Here's the printed version.

I was glad to see that I had measured the sign correctly!

Now to apply the wallpaper.  I used some glue sticks, starting with the easy wall.

The window walls would be more involved, but everything seemed to line up just right.

Once all the walls were complete, I broke out the weathering powders to finish things off.  Stay tuned for the next episode!!

"Tiny" red guys...

Another Thallax for you.

You could call them Mini Castellax, or Micro Thanatars :-)

It is truly unusual to see anything that's on a 40mm base not manage to stand knee high to a miniature that has a very similar shape!