Saturday, February 25, 2017

Above the Jungle

This is another one of my original scratch sculpts for the Lizardman army.  Some of you already know that I wanted a Skink based force, which meant several units of Skink/Kroxigor, Salamanders with Skink handlers, Chamelon Skinks... and of course Terradons!

I didn't have any of the GW Terradons, so I originally used some Void Sci-fi creatures with Skinks perched on their backs.  Once I discovered the wonders of Apoxy Sculpt, I thought I could make my own!

It was a multi step process, starting with tin foil armatures.  The wings were the most complex operation, as I had a membrane of tin foil which would get a thin sheet of Apoxy Sculpt on one side.  As the sculpting material cured, I bent the wing into the position that I wanted.

After that cured completely, I repeated that process on the other side. It was a little less harrowing on the second step. :-)

Apoxy Sculpt has many interesting properties.  It air cures like Miliput and Green Stuff, but it combines the advantages of both, but excludes most of the disadvantages.

Even after it has partially cured, you can still push it around, especially if it is supported by an armature.  This means it is a lot easier to get a dynamic pose.

Like Miliput, you can use water over the top to smooth things down, and even carve/sand it after it cures.  That is not really possible with green stuff.

Of course, painting it was very fun, and quite satisfying!

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