Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Charging Your Batteries...

These are some images I have been meaning to post for some time now... but I kept forgetting!

I think most of you saw the work in progress post that showed how I made these charging stations for Wild West Exodus using leftover wood from the Burn In Designs jailhouse.

The rest of the materials were green stuff (for the cables) and matboard for the base.

I added a few more layers of paint here and there since you last saw them.

We had come up with some simple rules for using these in our games, although the situation has not come up yet.  I think it will be more likely if we both have the mass amounts of heavy supports that we are building towards.

It was a lot of fun to make these, and it took no time at all.  Just a few hours.

Most of the pieces from Burn In Designs were window shutters and the 'punch out' pieces that you would normally throw away.  I now have a large (and growing) collection of those!!!

I set up some fun scenic views with the charging stations, my Lawmen, and other pieces of terrain from Burn In Designs.  Stay tuned!!!