Thursday, September 10, 2015

A return to Base Camp

Here's some fun bases for you.  As usual, sculpey was the primary medium.

The foliage bits are from Hangar 18, while the tufts (Gamers Grass) are from Kings Hobbies and Games.

As you saw in the original post, there are a ton of different colors, and that meant that I could match any foliage from the Hangar 18 sets.

The Gamers Grass tufts also come in a variety of sizes on each sheet, so it was very easy to find just the right piece to fit in on each base!

Here's a few that shows a few other bases (bark and branch style!) that have the same Hangar 18/ Gamers Grass combination.

An old lady returns

She may not look very old, but this classic sculpt goes back quite a ways.  I think it was first cast in 2003.

This is the last of the Anastasia figures that I have.  It's been rendered many different ways, even in some diorama vignettes.

In this last go round, I decided to test out some fun foliage from Hangar 18!

She's also here: