Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dashing though the snow

It's been a while since you've seen another Tharn cavalry, so here's one just in time for the Holidays!

These are very heavy figures, so at times they like to fall out of my hands onto the palette. :-)

The view from above!

Defense De La Republique

This is the second of the Renault AMR series.  It's also the first Flames of War vehicle I've done with a commander figure sticking out of a hatch.

Ironically, it does show just how small this tank design was.  The other AMR with the closed hatch could almost be perceived as a larger scale, since there was not this kind of reference point!

Speaking of size comparisons, these shots will really give you a sense of how different all these sizes are!

The view from above... with the tiny AMR's off to the right.

It's very fun to see these images of the vehicles in formation!

Much more to come, including the 75mm mobile AA artillery!  Stay tuned.  Vive Le France.