Saturday, May 14, 2016

Shrubs in no time!

Here's a wonderful new item from Gamer's Grass which we have just gotten a chance to use for the first time.  These shrubs are excellent, easy to use and very tough.  

For the moment, these are the various types, which can add instant foliage to any base.

The white shrubs are particularly nice, since they can be dual purpose winter flock or white flowers.

The spring and summer shrubs also work nicely with many other types of foliage, and even nicer when combined with regular grass tufts!

I had to try some out on recently completed figures, including the Reaper centaur figure that I did at Marcon.  I pulled off the shrub with the tool, so that I didn't smush the foliage, and it made a very easy contact point to glue it to the base as well.

I have already used some of these on my recently completed Bolt Action French, with some very fun results!!

Cathy combined the purple shrubs with the grass tufts on this piece:

You can get these from Gamers Grass, along with all of the regular grass tufts as well!