Monday, October 22, 2012

Our house, is very very very fine house...

While I have a few more images of the Guard Tower, the true focus of this post is all about the minis which you see standing on it!

First, the last few pictures of the tower...

A very heroic angle, don't you think?

Now... to the minis!  This is a mixture of Reaper and GW Bretonnians

Obviously, I had some fun with the freehand!

In another universe, where I get more painting time, I would LOVE to do an entire Bretonnian army!

So much potential fun with heraldry and such, where I have several research books on the topic.

The Empire strikes back...

Here's another one of the Finecast figures.  "Fine" being a very subjective term, of course.  It really is crazy that I had to spend a few hours patching holes and resculpting stuff that wasn't there just to be able to paint it.

It would be different if there were not other companies out there producing quality that is so far above what GW seems to be capable of.

The return to Altdorf begins...

I have a series of Empire figures well under way... a variety of Forgeworld and Finecast.

This is the first one, and it's one I enjoyed, given the Witch Hunter feel. :-)  All of the colors I will be doing on these will be for Altdorf.

If you check out the rest of the Empire stuff I have done, you will see this same color scheme carried through.

Here is a new member of the household!  His name is Stan, and Cathy's mom made him for us.  Who would have thought that he loves candy corn?