Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lights, camera, action! Some green flesh tones...

Among many other things today, I started filming another painting DVD.  This one was for non-human green flesh tones.  

It is a Mantis figure from Raging Heroes.  You have seen me paint  one already in the traditional purple Demonette color, but I wanted this to be more "Swamp creature".  I even have a swamp base all ready for it!

This would be used as a Fomorian in my future Slaine RPG game I want to run.

By the way, I used a Vallejo Green primer on this... Nato, I believe.

Here are a few views Cathy shot.  Fortunately, I can still look through my magnifier and have the camera right on target!

Better view of the camera...

My view:

Your view.  I think this is a 20 inch screen.  Obviously, the still camera didn't like shooting it, but at least it gives you an idea of how big this can be enlarged.  This has me considering painting larger figures with this set up.  Instead of looking at the mini, I would look at the screen instead.

Since the big monsters tend not to fit under my magnifier lights, this could be a fun solution.  Plus, I can film it!

I also had a request on the Kickstarter about magnifier lights.  These two wonderful lights came from Office Max, and they were a little over $40 each, I think.  They are LED, which is great, as they don't cycle like regular lights, and they use less power.  They can come apart, which makes them great for transport!!!

I think we are going to try and secure a computer which will at least let us make sample videos.  Upgrading the existing computer is getting more and more futile, and time's a wasting!!

Tank shock: Another walking brute from Rivet Wars!

I have not forgotten about Rivet Wars folks!  Here are some images of the Blighters tank.  You will have a lot of fun painting this guy.  Very Wild Wild West. :-)

I also want to insert a major thank you to everyone who has been supporting the Painting Pyramid kickstarter.  It has been unbelievable, and very gratifying.  Kudos to everyone who has helped us out, in more ways than I can mention.