Monday, July 18, 2016


I see that I forgot to post the other sister to Ingrid!  She has to have her sibling!!

This is Nadia, also from Siren Miniatures.

I had a lot of fun with the hair.  Since it carried through the entire miniature from top to bottom, I could do some brighter, more saturated mid tones and light colors and not worry about it popping too much.  The rest of the tones are quite muted in comparison.

I also added the grass clump to the base to make sure that intense burnt orange shade did go all the way down to the base.  The idea is to 'carry' the viewer's eye all the way through the piece, as I did when I was making 2D paintings.

That's a little easier by default when you are working on something that is already 3D, as opposed to trying to simulate such dimension on a canvas or watercolor paper.

You can see her and all other sorts of fantastic minis here: