Friday, July 1, 2016

Plaid Warrior

Here's a fun Reaper classic... one that I have painted numerous times over the years.

It's interesting to try working on the same exact figure every now and then, as you can try out new colors and techniques, or even see how long it took you to paint it.  That makes it more of a controlled experiment!

Every so often, I try out a new tartan pattern on him, or a different type of foliage.  I actually prepped all of them at the same time years ago, when I was attempting to set up a Slaine RPG group.

That was definitely a very interesting universe, and a truly unique kind of RPG!  None of the super weapons you see in most games, yet very lethal. It was also devoid of the alignment mechanic which tends to make RPG's very boring for me.  There really is no "good and evil" in that system.  You just exist... but probably not for very long!!  ;-)