Friday, January 3, 2014

Lizard slug!

Time for a scaley wiggler.  Hmm... that sounds wrong in some contexts.

This was a fun Rotter to paint, since it gave me the chance to do some brighter colors to contrast with the muck, uniform and pinks!

I had lots of fun putting the pink color in between the blue scales!

When Lake Michigan attacks

If you are wondering what my latest project has entailed for the last few days... this would be it.

For those in warmer climes not familiar with the concept of lake effect snow, that occurs when the cold winds from the north pass over a large body of water at a high rate.

Normally, lake effect snow hits the folks on the other side of the lake in Indiana and Michigan.  However, once in a while, those winds come from the east, and create sudden snow squalls here.

That happened today, when snowfall went from an inch in 3 hours to 2-3 inches an hour.
This is what greeted me on my third round of shoveling...

I knocked off a big drift from the roof, got out all my shovels, and went to work...

Since we live right by an airport, I could tell there were not going to be many planes in the sky.  Visibility was less than a mile... a lot less.

White was the theme of the day.

Snow always piles up fast here.

Winter wonderland.  This will all be frozen in place once the -15 temps hit.  It was already close to zero when I did my last round with the shovels.

More tomorrow I am sure, when the snowplows bury half of what I did...