Wednesday, May 1, 2019

World in Flames

The latest basing tutorial is up on the Patreon Page now, and it shows yet another use for the Liquitex heavy Gloss Gel.  I have used it for water, icicles, and yes, even fire!  In this video, I also showed how I used the Green Stuff World Lion theme texture roller using sheets of baked Sculpey clay.

The flaming skulls, also from Green Stuff World, were really fun, and just the right touch!

With the Sculpey and Skulls in place, it was time to add some extra flames to the rest of the bases and the movement tray.

This does dry clear, and it can even be tinted.  While I will be painting these in a classic Object Source Lighting with fluorescent paints, you could even mix that fluorescent green with the gel and make your flames that way if you were looking for a quick down and dirty method.

Here's a peek at the tray will all the effects added!  As I mentioned before, it will dry clear, so I wanted to get a few pictures while it was still easy to see.

I did my usual Badger Airbrush Stynlrez primer technique on the figures and tray, so that I could establish some quick shading.

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