Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Crazy Crustacean

This unusual Crustacean is from Mierce Miniatures.  It's part of the "monstrous infantry" segment that I have mentioned previously.

He's pretty large, on a base that is about 80mm.

I had a lot of fun playing with the color contrasts.  Some very warm oranges and reds, juxtaposed with the cooler, muted purples.

I did a lot of work with the filberts early on blocking in all these shades, moving things around, shifting where each color block went, and so on.  This is the great flexibility that the Shaded Basecoat technique allows!

The horde grows...

Here's another pose from the Beastman group.

Again, I was able to use some interesting colors in these skin tones.

I also used the semi-transparent light glazes, mixing 'regular' paints with the Secret Weapon washes and such.

Whatcha readin' there?

Yes indeed, one more Dark Sword figure!  This Swan Priestess is a much more recent sculpt than the previous figures you have seen.

The base was my usual baked sculpey, while the candles were made of polystyrene tubing covered with Vallejo water effects gel to simulate the melted wax.

I have been trying out all kinds of materials for that over the years, and this was absolutely perfect.  It was the closest thing to actually melting real wax. :-)

Obviously I had a lot of fun with the marble colors and patterns.  The idea  was to set up the colors of the dress, but also provide some contrast to all the white... including the candles.

She's also here: