Friday, November 8, 2013

Wait a minute... he has a buddy!

Ha!  You didn't know that Mr. C'Tan had an evil twin, did you...

I could not resist trying the effect again, but with a whole new set of colors.

It always amazes me just how different the same type of effect can look when you change up those colors!

The view from above...

And side by side.

Another Custodes

Back to the Custodes!  These guys posed lots of painting challenges.  There were some sculpting aspects as well.  To make these weapons work, I had to add long, streamer-like purity seals.

Ultimately, they gave the weapons more shape, and also provided more 'interest', since I could tack on some freehand.  In addition, there were now a few more surfaces on which I could reflect some of the glow from the end of the weapon.