Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Flower Girl

Here's another favorite Reaper figure of mine.  There are a few different versions of the Dryads, including one by Werner Klocke.

A figure such as this will also be an exercise in limited palette, so that means lots of subtle transitions of greens, tans, siennas, etc.

The red flowers are an important accent, and something that could be played off the muted greens in some sections, or the warmer rust colors in others.

I will be trying out a few different color combinations on the other Dryads... including some that are more of a greyish green.  These might be a fall tree theme.

I don't think I could make a winter version, but that would be an interesting challenge!

The Jade Icon

You have seen some of the Sidhe faction from the old Celtos system.  Now it's time to start meeting some of the Gaels!

This icon bearer was always a favorite.  I could not resist making the standard look like it was jade of something similar.  I tried to keep the warmer greens towards the ground facing sections, with more blueish greens towards the sky.

It was fun balancing a variety of cooler grays and greens in the skin colors as well!

Top it off with a bit of NMM on the weapon blades, and you wrap up a fun Kev White sculpt from over a decade ago!

She's also here: