Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Sorry this is late folks!  SO many things going on... Like basing over 50 miniatures at one time!

I am still trying to clean up the debris left behind.

I will try to get some images of those for you guys to see.  I also have a ton of things that are being painted, as well as figuring out more software.  That is, an attempt to figure out just what kind of labels/graphics to have on the DVD's.

I have decided that information is way more important than fancy pictures, so that is the direction I will be going after many experiments.

Anyway, more to come!

More options for the Highland Guard

Here is another set of miniatures from Victoria.  These kneeling poses are available for the Highland Guard.

While they work nicely 'taking cover' as I have done with these bases, they would also be very good as heavy weapons teams!

I really thought about using them in that way, but I thought it would be better for you to see how they work with the torsos, arms, heads, and so on.

As before, there are many weapon options, as well as command.

Much more to come on the Highland guard, including a few minis where I integrate some GW parts into the mix.  This should demonstrate how well they scale up with GW Imperial Guard.

Once more, here is the Victoria Miniatures website: