Sunday, November 20, 2016

Cool Cubes!

This is a bit of a sneak peek at the building German force for the France 1940 campaign, and the dice to go with them!

Like all of my army dice, they are from Dice of War.  They are very high quality, and you can find just about any national symbol or even army/divisional symbol!!

I really enjoy them, because they add a lot to the overall feel and look of the game.  Also, the larger size is more comfortable to use than the smaller 30 dice in a container style.

Again, there's a massive variety to choose from.  I also have the Afrika Korps version, two different Italian dice, two Hungarian dice, three French sets, and more! 

The vast majority of the designs are actually inset into the surface, as opposed to printed.  However, I have many sets of the printed dice, and they are quite nice as well.  Those designs are usually national flags.

So far, I have only done blog posts on the Panzer IV and the Opel Blitz truck.  As you can see, there are many other troops, weapon teams and vehicles that are yet to show up on the blog.  I was very curious to see how it was all starting to look together, and it seemed like a good opportunity to put out the dice too!

In fact, there's a whole lot of early war Heer that is being built and painted at the moment.  I am trying to include every type of weapon system that was employed in the France '40 theatre.  This means PZ 35's, 38's, etc., with all forms of artillery and lighter weapon teams.

My goal is to include as many tutorial style articles on these items as possible.  Once everything is prepped and readied for Google Hangouts, I want to do some of those as well.  More of them will likely involve infantry units, but vehicles and even terrain are things I'd like to cover also.

Stay tuned!!