Saturday, March 12, 2016

Siren Sisters

Here are some amazing new figures from Siren Miniatures.

Meet Nadia and Ingrid, the Sisters of No Mercy.

These are actual assembled figures, not renders (I dusted some light gray and white paint on them so you could see the shapes a little better).  The detail is as amazing as you would expect from Siren, which means they will be wonderful to paint!  For such dramatic poses, it was also relatively easy to get them put together.  Always a plus!!

I think I will try to stick to the color schemes of the concept art, since that should make for some interesting side by side photos!

As a scale reference, the base is 32mm.  These ladies are perfect for a number of systems.  I think they could even be interesting characters for a Wild West Exodus scenario.  They could play the role of foreign assassins from western Europe who are sent to kill Dr. Carpathian, or something similar.

Another reason that I wanted to stay with the concept art colors was the fact that the sculpts stayed quite true to the concept.  So, once painted, I will do a set of side by side by side images, from concept, to render, to unpainted figure, to the finished result!

Be sure to visit Siren Miniatures on their facebook page:

I'm Staying Right Here!

I initially used this as one of my Captains in my Lord of the Rings Galadhrim army.  The base was sculpted with Apoxy Sculpt.

Eventually I used some Reaper elf figures to represent any command characters, as it was a lot easier to distinguish them in the inevitable scrums!

He was certainly one of the more dramatically posed Galadrhim elves... perfect for the Knights of the Blood Rose.