Sunday, November 8, 2015

Death from the Webway

Time for Part Two of the sci-fi versions of the Stingray Riders.

As was mentioned in the first post, I thought that these could be either Hellions or Beastmasters... but I lean heavily towards the latter!

I recall when I first pondered a Dark Eldar army, that a "Brookfield Zoo" theme could be very interesting... as many critters as I could squeeze into the army.

I think these would do just the trick... really heightening the angry critter effect!

As usual, the close ups reveal all kinds of fun details...

The masks make them look even more sinister.

But yet so elegant!

Coming up next... the Draahk riders, which are just as amazing as the Stingrays!!  Stay tuned.

Elven Blade

This classic figure was part of the old Spyglass miniatures line, sculpted by Steve Buddle.

Like other well known sculptors, he has a unique way of sculpting the faces.  This is one of the mice aspects of painting miniatures over the last 15 years... getting used to all the different ways that sculptors approach that particular element of each figure.

This is another one of the mulch bases that was created a few weeks ago.  The scale of this figure also allowed me to use one of the new Hangar 18 leaf foliage types.

The leaves are quite small, as you can see, so I have mostly been using this on 15mm scale or smaller figures and terrain.

She's also here: