Monday, May 9, 2016

Meet my little pets

I've been showing you the individual shots of the Grotesques... but now it is time to show all of them together, along with their Haemonculus baby sitter!

This view from above shows the same basing that was carried through the entire army... vehicles, monsters, jetbikes and more.

These guys all involved many new techniques, using blood effects, fluorescent paints and lots of object source lighting.

This gives you a few glimpses at the freehand patterns that I managed to sneak onto each figure.  Once again, that's the same pattern which was used on all the Reaver jetbikes, Venoms and Razorwing.

The Abomination figure to the right required a lot of manipulation.  I used a number of Chronos Pain engine bits.

I tried to get some variation in colors from one Grotesque to the nest, with subtle variations on the bony parts and the drug injectors.

One last view of the gang!!