Sunday, July 24, 2016

Lady of Darkness

I have only gotten a handful of opportunities to paint larger scale figures like this 75mm Nocturna miniature.  Looking back, I can only recall 3 other figures of this size, and a handful of 54mm scale.

Since I had seen this figure painted several times in 'standard' skin colors, this seemed like the prefect opportunity to try out something different... almost Drow in its appearance.

To me, the primary advantage of something 3X as big as what I normally have to work with is the larger surface area in the mid tones.  It is in this mid tone area where you can do the most interesting color transitions, as it is not a highlight or a shadow area.

As an example, I used a very muted green in the mid tone areas of the skin.  That might show up in the pictures, but you can really see that in person!

A more obvious advantage is a nice big canvas for freehand!

As with all "limited palette" exercises, there is no real limitation at all.  I was lightening the lone red color with pinks, light blues and even that light green of the skin!  This created a depth in what might be viewed as 'simple' colors.  

Nothing simple at all :-)

Here's a set of images showing the base, and just how large this is!  I had already gotten so used to the size by the time I was done... I needed a bit of a reminder.  When I placed that 28mm Reaper figure in the photo booth, the difference in scale was certainly made evident.

She's also here: