Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fun with Secret Weapon washes

Hey folks... snapped some images while I was painting a ton of minis the last few days...

I was utilizing my set of Secret Weapon washes, having some fun along the way!

You can see a few disks being used as a palette... those were the "Oh crap... hit the wrong button!" disks which are now being recycled. :-)  I put about 7 or 8 wash colors on the palette, and went to town.

I had Heavy body black, Armor wash, baby Poop, Ruby, Green black, Stone, and so on.  It is a lot of fun to mix them together, especially on Nurgle stuff like this.

As I have mentioned before, a few of the wash colors have that very nice opaque quality, such as concrete and Stone.  When you mix those with the other more intense, transparent washes, you get some fun results!

I also like to mix these in with regular paints, which creates interesting results.

They were perfect for items such as the banner.

Again, some of the colors are quite intense, but the more muted tones are perfect to mix in, instead of thinning them with water.  Mixing those intense wash colors with very light 'regular' paints make excellent semi-transparent colors to use on skin for subtle transitions.

It gets pretty messy with my 'Paint and Remove' method.  I like to splash on more than needed, and then use my finger of paper towel to remove that excess.

I use these washes a lot on the painting videos.  They were very handy on so many of the various subjects.

Running Man

Back to that unit of converted Terminators.  As you know from the previous posts, I took regular space marines, extended the arms and legs, added lots of green stuff and brown stuff, and voila!

I did five of them for the original Golden Demon squad.  It was fun to make the poses very different from the old metal terminators which were the only ones available at the time.

Here he is painted!

I will keep posting these images now that I have finally discovered them!

And a few more group shots of the entire unit...

Stay tuned!