Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dark Age Games Kulkulkani Devoted Priest

Since Dark Age has been releasing lots of new stuff these days, I figured that it was time to start posting some of the Kulkulkani figures which i painted for them.  In this case. a Devoted Priest.

I enjoyed painting the flesh tones on these folks!  Each one seemed to be a bit more exotic. :-)

Skaryaa the Blood Mistress from Raging Heroes

I chose this figure for the Copper/Bronze/Brass demo video for a few reasons.  First, it has super fine detail, as all Raging Heroes figures do!

Second, the shield (one of three arm options, BTW) gives a fantastic opportunity for copper patina.  In addition, I thought this figure would be perfect for the play of color temperature that is necessary to indicate surfaces of the various metals.

Very simply put, Golds tend to be more yellow, Brass and Bronze more greenish, and Copper is reddish.  The strategy here was to use the flesh tones and the hair as a foil to the metals.  The darker flesh tone would allow the lighter parts of the metals to show, and the lighter, greener hair would keep the greens of the patina and bronze in check.