Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sailing Away

Let's sail away on the Webway with Asharah's Legions!  I think this was the vehicle I enjoyed the most, since the shape and size of the surfaces were ideal for all kinds of freehand.

Just like all the other units, vehicles critters and the infantry, this was done with regular brushes.  No airbrush involved.  Much of the early work was done with filbert brushes, which are ideal for such tasks.

Its unique rounded chisel shape means that I can work rapidly over large surfaces, quickly enough to be able to wet blend along the way.  The 'feathered' brush strokes can create the same kind of smooth transition one would get with an airbrush.

On this side of the sail, we have the Blood Star...

You can see a bit of the base here, which is more wreckage of the hapless Imperial opponents!

These gently sloping hull surfaces were wonderful.  Getting paint into some areas of the deck was not very easy, and certain sections had to be done separately, but it was all worth it.

There were a group of Grotesques in this, I believe, led by a Haemonculus.

Now for a few close ups, including the controls...

I loved carrying the pattern over the various sections of the hull, even onto the gun shield!

One final view of the rudder and the engine glow.