Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Jungle Hero

This conversion was made for my Lizardman army to keep "super weapons" from wiping out my very expensive Temple Guard unit.  It's been a while, but I believe that if Chakax fought in a challenge, the opponent's magical weapon would only count as mundane, thus eliminating the 400 automatic unsaveable wounds those stupid things did!

The base for the conversion was a standard Saurus figure, of which I had many!  I attempted to make it as close to the original metal version as possible, but I did take some liberties to keep it in line with my scratch built Temple Guard unit... made from those same plastic Saurus.  

At the time, there was no plastic Temple Guard set.

A few more views for you.  There were a lot of interlocking surfaces which certainly made it more challenging to paint!

He's also here:

I used a lot of brown stuff for the sculpting, since that holds an edge better than regular green stuff.  It is also a bit stronger and rigid, which is why I use it for things like horns, banners, parchments and other unsupported pieces.