Monday, August 10, 2015

The best of the best

Time for a group shot of the Spicas!  These will certainly be the most challenging of all the hired hands in the Wild West Exodus universe to play.

The Outlaw hired hands have very few synergies with their characters, as it was designed.

Union and Lawmen have all kinds of synergies, but those are usually targeted towards one "type" of hired hand.

Union characters can offer all kinds of bonuses to long range hired hands, as do Lawmen bosses.

With the Holy Order of Man Spica, there is no such distinction.

Can I take advantage of all their multipurpose capabilities?

There will probably be some growing pains, but then the thought of getting to activate first on almost every turn gives me a little more confidence.  That and a bunch of Tumblers cruising around!!!

Stay tuned!