Thursday, March 3, 2016

An Elephant Never Forgets

OK folks!  It's getting to be the final days of the Parallax Kickstarter campaign, and I thought I would save something fun for the countdown!

Here's a link to the campaign;

And then back to our shaman.  I had a lot of fun making the base and choosing the theme for the clothes.  With the flame in his hand, I just had to do some OSL.

I did add a little heavy gel medium to the flame to extend it in some places.

These views will give you a better look at the base.

And a penny for your thoughts for all those wondering what the scale is of this figure.  I believe the base is 80mm.

I looked through a number of saree patterns to find the right color to contrast with the flame, but also work with it.  Since the skin color was going to be such a neutral grey (as was the base), I knew that I had a little leeway here.

I shot some pictures on a different background, which gives you a different perspective on some of the brighter teal colors on the Saree.

One last image of an imposing character!

So, be sure to check out the campaign, and other fantastic figures just like this shaman!!

Leaf and Scale

The Swordsmen from the Galadhrim by themselves could be on the fragile side, but when backed up by spears, those additional attacks would force the issue against lower fight skill units.  Even with higher armor, losing fights again and again will put you in a bad spot!

I did spend a few extra points here and there to give the swordsmen shields, in the event that they would not have the pointy sticks behind them.

The katana shape of the blades made them interesting to paint.

The leafy pattern in the armor plates allowed for some interesting color reflections and contrasts!